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Why student job?

Flexible and efficient

  • You can get a student workforce with the right number and qualifications in 1 day
  • We will notify our members immediately about new student employment opportunities
  • You only need to order and pay for the required working hours
  • Work management rights are exercised jointly by the commissioning company and the school cooperative

Reasonable and inspiring

  • Your company can support students with real work experience and making them valuable workforce
  • Find talented, motivated students early on and train them with low risk to meet your company's expectations
  • After finishing school, you can even take the tried and tested students with experience into your own staff immediately

Cost-effective and fast

  • Student employees can be employed with the most favourable contribution burdens, so it is a much more favorable construction than employing full-time employees
  • Student employees are organized and coordinated by our staff, saving you recruitment and labor administration costs

How much can your company save on student work?

In case of an employee under the age of 25, if the monthly wage does not exceed HUF 576 601 gross.
Gross wage
Employer's excess costs

Student jobs

School union
Service fee
100 000 Ft

Full time

(holidays, sick pay, recruitment, labor administration, etc.)
social contributions 13%
social insurance 18,5%
100 000 Ft
Gross wage
Employer's excess costs


Dynamically growing database

In the years since our establishment, our membership has exceeded 64,000, of which 2100-2800 young people actively work every month.

Diverse areas of expertise

Every month we satisfy the labour needs of about 320-350 partners from almost every segment of the Hungarian economy.

Recruitment-selection online

We provide our partners with the opportunity to carry out the selection process themselves or to follow it up to date. We provide an opportunity to use our self-developed recruitment system, where our partners can also access the CVs of the pre-screened candidates and administer the recruitment process.

Fast contracting

The contracts of the selected students are also concluded online, which significantly speeds up the employment process, as it does not require personal administration.

On the market since 1996

Our company was founded in April 1996 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


You can use student workers in these areas

Hostess position

You can also employ students for tastings, receiving guests, coupons, or distributing food or drinks. Students prefer such jobs because of flexible employment.


The number of our students studying computer science is increasing, so you can even employ students for more serious programming work. Our partners like to employ students as software developers and software testers. They are capable of helping and supporting their full-time workforce, but they can hold their own in almost any field.

Education, creative, etc

We can also provide suitable student workforce for our partners with more specialized tasks. If you need a photographer, teacher, graphic designer, trainer, lifeguard, program organizer or other creative or educational activity, we will find the most suitable candidates for your company among our students.

Light physical

You can employ students for light physical work for up to 1-1 day, such as packing, moving, packing tasks. In addition, we can provide suitable workforce for the long term, if your company needs it. You can apply for student staff periodically, for example in the run-up to Christmas, for a few weeks or months.

Office work

A You can employ students in all areas, from teachable office work through office work requiring more advanced expertise (finance, logistics, HR), to telephone and customer service work. Are you looking for a new employee to join your team, but the position doesn't require 40 hours of work per week? We outsource students with the right skills to your company.


One of the leading branches of our school cooperative is engineering. Many of our students start their careers as engineering trainees and often stay in their internships full-time after completing their studies. This is practical, as future employees will already have the right knowledge when they start working full-time.

Catering jobs

You can also employ students in your catering establishment. Many of our students work as restaurant cashiers, helpers and salesmen.

For information and request for quotation, please contact our colleagues

Gyöngyösi Zsolt
Project Manager
Czimmer Csaba
Business Unit Manager
Másody Szabolcs
Lőrincz Zoltán
Project Manager
Turpisz György
Project Manager
Kenéz Sándor
Customer service
Kenéz-Nagy Gréta
Customer service



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