Software Engineer Trainee for syslog-ng

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Software Engineer Trainee for syslog-ng

We - the engineers of syslog-ng - are looking for a highly motivated, student for our team. Our team is responsible for the whole life cycle of both the Premium Edition and Open Source Edition of syslog-ng. These include developing features for Fortune 500 companies and answering questions on GitHub.

What can you learn in our team?
• Collaborating with an open source community. Your contribution will be visible on GitHUB. Its a great reference in your resume
• Participate in Google Summer of Code as a mentor. We have great experience in mentoring, so we can help you to be a successful mentor.
• You can work on your own syslog-ng features, developing a new functionalities to a complex system. With this you will learn how real life software development works in an agile team.
• Deepening your existing knowledge of multi platform development (AIX, HPUX, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux)
• Collaborating with product management and customer to create working solutions instead of just delivering software features

Your responsibilities will include
• designing and developing new features,
• troubleshooting, supporting customers (along with open source users),
• planning backlog items and sharing your knowledge with the team.

We expect you to be able to understand and explain complex systems, solve their problems and extend their functionality. You would use your skills to develop syslog-ng on Unix (AIX, HPUX, FreeBSD, Solaris), Linux, Windows systems, using 21st century C (TDD, clean code, OOP).
You would integrate syslog-ng with SIEMs and log analyzer solutions to extend the existing big data and database support (Kafka, MongoDB, Elastic,Hadoop). Furthermore, you could extend the open source edition with your own ideas.

Required Skills
• active student status
• you should be eager to use/learn C (21st century) or C++ and Java/Python
• experience in Linux/Unix system programming/debugging
• "OOP, clean code, unit test" should be in your work philosophy




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