Airport Development Intern

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The purpose of an Airport Development (AD) Interns job is to assist the Airport Development Team in all major and minor projects and provide operational support to AD Managers on ad-hoc tasks. The Intern must have an insight on the overall aviation business and have a deep insight on the relation between Carriers and Airports.
The ideal candidate will establish through practice communication/negotiation skills needed in a competitive corporate/business environment, and will enhance ownership/responsibility and to support ones psychological evolution.
For all Intra Departmental and Cross Departmental project the Intern must report to the Head of Airport Development and when assisting Airport Development managers in specific tasks or projects, the reporting of the given task must be made to the Airport Development Manager.


• Issuing monthly, quarterly and yearly marketing reports
• Issuing invoices for marketing and route supports
• Prepare statistic data on traffic, traffic development at airports
• Reporting network wide status of airports, e.g: service fee implementation process
• Cost calculation for airports, ground handling companies
• New Base Opening project file preparation
• Assistance in other cross departmental projects
• Managing internal invoicing systems
• Managing a limited number of airports under the supervision of Head of Airport Development (or Airport Development Manager)
• Participate on field visits
• Participate on negotiations
• All other task requested by the Head of Airport Development


• Active university student status in Hungary
• Fluency in English
• Advanced Word and Excel knowledge
• Good presentation skills
• Analytic thinking
• Learning skill to gain a deeper insight on specific industries and markets
• High ownership
• Will to go the extra mile
• Interest in commercial area
• Fair communication skills (will to improve it)
• Ability to remain calm under pressure




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1000 Ft/óra

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