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Rendszergazda/ Desktop Support Admin. trainee

Típus: Rendszergazda

Azonosító: #11407

Bérezés: 1129 Ft/ óra

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The Desktop Support Administrator Trainee will provide user support in the local IS team in case there is a hardware or a software issue in part time (30 hours per week or more should be covered).

Job description:
• Software related issues / tasks:

- initial installation of the computer
- initial setup of the computer for the user (Lotus Notesmail client configuration, shared folder and printer mapping, configuring security applications etc.)
- support MS office applications
- support Lotus Notes mail client
- laptop encryption support (encryption, decryption, investigate encryption failures, etc.)
- address security related issues (virus infections, security alerts, etc.)
- OS patch follow-up (investigate failed Windows updates, force updates, etc.)
- reset AD passwords, unlock accounts - grant / revoke logical access in Active Directory
- ensure the compliance of security applications (Anti Virus, etc.)
- work with Corporate teams in case of global rollouts - support video conferences (help the user to join the conference)

• Hardware related issues / tasks:
- assembling / disassembling PCs and laptops
- replacing faulty accesories / computer parts
- moving computers from one building to another, within the building and within the project areas
- investigate printer related issues (paper jams, etc.)
- order and replace toners for printers - arrange warranty repair with procurement team in case of a faulty asset Asset registration in CMDB / GPS
• Manage web-based internal Configuration Management Database (hardware and software inventory) and TCS global CMDB (GPS)
• Do asset allocations, reallocations, serial number update in CMDB and in GPS
• Add newly delivered assets to the CMDB based on the data sent by the Procurement team / available in GPS
• Work with the Procurement team in case replacement / new orders are needed. Proactively comminucates the need of the IT infrastructure (from desktop side)


30 Hours/ week


XI. kerület


1129 Ft/ óra

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