CS&Q Quality Digitization Logistic

CS&Q Quality Digitization Logistic Europe Leader

The CS&Q Quality Digitization Logistic Europe Leader is part of the CS&Q Central Europe team.

She/He drives the Digitization of all quality tasks that are done inside the territories. All manual tasks will have to be automatized and be more efficient. The data collected must have a higher level of quality and be standardized within all the territories. New technologies and tools can be proposed and deployed after validation.
Major axis are described below to illustrate that mission:
• Analyze the way the quality data is collected and propose new ways to do it
• Propose and deploy new analytics
• Deploy proactive tools to anticipate quality issue and support decision making
• Manage all current quality reports: DCR, LRD, NQC, scorecard, service level… at Europe/DC levels.
• Train the people, convince them with real usage scenarios, monitor the usage of the tools
• Maintain a clear structure for all tools and reports including the purpose of the tool and usage guidelines

Main activities:
 Core activity: Being the digitization leader and referent within the CS&Q team. Be the expert on digitization and tools (Tableau, ToughSpot, etc..)
 Monitor quality related activities inside DC as well as flows between them, including local adaptation and return center. Manage all reports with current tools to provide the best quality dashboards. Propose new functionalities.
 Continuous improvement: Propose and deploy new functionalities inside the existing tools. Support the deployment through all Europe territories. Encourage to share the best practices.
 Innovation: Think on new tools to increase the level of quality that is delivered in our logistic organization. We expect to engage new thinking’s on proactivity to anticipate and eliminate the risks in advance.
 Skills Upgrade: Realize & deploy trainings regarding digitization. We Improve Digital skills and prepare competencies of the future for CS&Q purposes.
 Increase the Customer Satisfaction: propose actions to correct and improve the customer satisfaction. Promote Customer Experience culture (Personas) within the organization.

Education & Skills
 English Business – Fluent speaking and writing
 All other European languages as a plus.
Technical skills:
 Digital skills: analytics, new IT technologies
 Knowledge and experience with Quality tools (8D, PFMEA, RCA method ,6 Sigma) is a plus
Soft skills:
 Team spirit: Collaboration skills with internal and external organization
 Customer orientation
 This role is convenient for a student part time, without experience

 All European countries and CIS
 Travels: optional
 Interactions with:
• CS&Q communities inside and outside GSC
• CDE Community
• Logistic teams: transport, planning, Network and Modeling, Projects,
  • Alapadatok: Budapest, XIII. kerület
  • Munkaidő: 8:00-17:00
  • Heti Munkaidő: 20 - 30 óra
  • Szakterület: Általános irodai, Logisztika
  • Elvárt nyelvtudás:: magyar, angol
  • Bérezés: 1500 Ft/óra
  • Azonosító: #21668
  • Időtartam: folyamatos
  • Munkakezdés: Önéletrajzos jelentkezést követően
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