We are looking for participants for a research study

Are you interested in sound and human physiology?

The Works Research Institute is looking for participants for a research study monitoring the effects of spatial sound on people. The experiment will take place at The Works Research Institute lab located at Tungsram, Váci út 77, 1044, Budapest.
During the experiment:
- The listener is seated on a floating chair in the centre of the Sphere, in silence and complete darkness
-This machine is for a person to sit within, it offers an optimized environment for high-fidelity spatial projection of sound and measuring human response to sound at various levels – such as the brain activity and vital functions.
-the Sphere observes how the soundfield influences the focus and state of the listener and tunes to the listener to induce a state of balance.
Before applying please make sure you comply with the following description:
- You are 18 years old or older, fluent in English,
- healthy, sober, not pregnant with normal hearing and no history of neurological or psychiatric disease [e.g. no seizures, epilepsy and especially sound induced epilepsy, nor claustrophobia],
- You do not have an artificial heart pacemaker, cerebral shunt, prosthetic joints and/or bleeding gums.
Duration of the experiment: September 27 - October 28
  • Location: Budapest, District 4
  • Working hours: 2,5 hours/ experiment
  • Weekly working time: 0 - 20 hours
  • Specialization: Subject for research test
  • Required language skills: Hungarian, English
  • Wage: 7040 ft/ experiment
  • Identification: #24392
  • Period: casual labour
  • Job start: Pre-recruiting
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