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About us

MŰISZ School Cooperative was founded in April 1996 at BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics). Our mission is to provide students wishing to work during studies with a job under an organized framework thereby also helping them with obtaining professional experience required for later job seeking. During the years since the time we were founded the number of our members has exceeded 42 000 persons of which 2100 to 2800 young people performs a student job actively on a monthly basis.

With us you can save money!

Projected to 100 thousand HUF, costs are as follows::

Thus, for costs over wage, you can save 37770 HUF!

A couple of interesting figures

Since the time we were founded in 1996 we have employed 2100 to 2800 students on a monthly basis, and the number of our members is over 42000 persons. The over 2.1 million working hours worked annually manifest that more and more customer companies have recognized this extremely favourable and flexible form of employment.

Approx. 80% of our active members are students attending a college or university or participating in higher special education. We have student members from almost every college and university in Budapest

Through its service our School Cooperative meets manpower demand, on a monthly basis, for some 320 to 350 partners who are represented from almost every segment of economic life in Hungary.

Our mission

Employment though School Cooperative has by now become inevitable for the most companies because student work would allow you to get to know and assess possible later manpower. For this, intern programs provide companies with an excellent opportunity.

In addition, it provides young people with an excellent opportunity to try their skill and ability in multiple fields even before selecting their later studies thereby obtaining professional experience required for the later work. Also, they will learn what responsibility is and last but not least being free to dispose of their time it will be an excellent option for them to earn money.

You can trust our experience

99933 contract
24 years
63914 employees
151 job offer


Average age
Current active partners
Signed employment contracts
Number of worked hours

Number of hours worked annually basis

Advantages of student work

Flexible and efficient

  • You can get an appropriate quantity of properly skilled manpower even within a working day
  • Due to our internal information system we can immediately notify our members of any new job option
  • You only will have to order and pay for the number of working hours you require, that is, in every case you will have to pay for an actual performance only.
  • Work management rights will be exercised jointly and in a shared manner by the representatives of the customer company and the School Cooperative.

Rational and beneficial

  • You can support our students to obtain work experience and practice
  • Upon completion of studies the already tested, experienced students can even joint your staff.
  • With an employment through the School Cooperative the entitlement of students to a Start Card will remain.
  • It will render a great help to young people in career selection.

Cost-saving and useful

  • If you order us to perform duties arising for your company, you can save an extreme amount of your employment costs.
  • Student employees used by us can be employed with the best contribution charges so our contract fees are much lower then the acqusition costs of full-time employees.
  • By using our service you can save recruiting and labour administration costs.
  • Student employees are organized and co-ordinated by our staff.

... and what the most important is: you can account our contract fee as a cost.

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